Hospital Management Made Easy


Software as a Service

What is Unified

EMS Software Platform?


Manage projects and view all EMS operations from one source.

It is an all encompassing, cloud

based software platform providing solutions to hospital facilities across the nation.

Enhancing efficiency and productivity for all EMS Control Points.

See real-time data, from daily aggregation to weekly and monthly reporting.

What does the Unified EMS Software Platform do?


Access the applications from anywhere

there is an internet connection.


See live data populate into graphs and charts that make sense.


Turn raw data into insight for each department or the whole facility


Use the EMS platform to help your facility score higher on the SHEP by pre-engaging veterans while in your facility


Get accurate analysis with data reports for critical decision making.


Track & record critical milestones in a central repository. Communicate with your team & view real-team data.


Alerts and schedule reminders to view important data


Manage audits and complete inspections to effortlessly report and track.

Why Choose Unified EMS Software Platform?

EMS Chiefs and their teams are better prepared for the OIG and the Joint Commission audits by having reliable information on demand as the platform is collecting submitted data and populating it into dashboards that give you a visual breakdown of inspections, deficiencies, laundry loads, time, budget, employee day to day metrics and much more.

Easy to use

Interactive Dashboards

View operational data for the whole

facility or drill down to specific information in a building, room, or floor.

You choose the data you need to make informed decision.


Electronic Trouble Ticket System

Know precisely how many calls

received for what type of requests, which building, or room. Manage and track all requests from one

central repository.

A platform where supervisors and employees can communicate to get the job done efficiently.

View messages, get notification and populate statistical data that will pin point areas that need improvement .

4 Tips For Effective Hospital Management

Build a productive environment

Use Advanced Technolology

Hospital management is not just about dealing with patients and their admissions. There are many things connected to each other. Connecting the hospital to a centralized cloud based system can ensure better management, require less staff and serve more patients more effectively. Use of tech should be inculcated in healthcare.

Identify Vulnerabilities

What are the areas your hospital has been failing in is what every hospital should figure out? This kind of analyses will help hospitals and doctors identify the vulnerable areas, focus more on them, strengthen the weak areas, improve efficiency and employ the best people in the most vulnerable areas.

Make a Communication Strategy

Communication is an area where many Hospitals are limited. By opening channels of communication that cross connect important pieces, Managers and employees will have a clear understanding of the workload.

Control Important Departments

There are some departments in every sector that needs more attention. For a hospital this can be admissions, emergency department, billing and payment department as well as surgical sector. Hospitals must have their best people and best systems.

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