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Project Management Services

PMO Set-up

Project Management Office (PMO)

Is a central location housing and facilitating all organizational projects. By giving your team a 30,000 foot view of all the moving parts, we are able to better understand the links and dependencies between various projects. The PMO acts as a central repository for strategic planning and communication giving your organization immediate results.

Benefits of CrestPoint PMO
  • Centralized project data which enables better visibility into projects, greater understanding of how projects are aligned with organizational objectives, and improved insight into project status.
  • Better resource allocation because the PMO looks at the range of project candidates and using portfolio management techniques, prioritizes initiatives.
  • Higher consistency in project management, making it easier to track and analyze project performance.
  • Increased accountability as one of the PMO’s roles is to ensure clear ownership of each project.
  • Greater on-time/on-budget performance using project management tools and processes throughout the lifecycle.
  • Improved productivity and ROI on projects.

Project Support

No “I” in Team.

With our support team of expert project managers we can reduce training cost, save time and improve overhead. Saving your organization money that can be allocated for better usage.

Project Advisory

Providing achievable solutions to complex project challenges

CrestPoint Solutions Project Advisory Team assists organization and agencies in all forms of Industry with a full range of technical and non-technical solutions that focus on maximizing returns on investment and mitigating risk.

Our advisory services provide the following:

Accountability Frameworks

Business Case Development

Project Prioritization Workshops

Project/Program Cost Evaluation

Project/Program Risk & Controls

Project Road Map Planning

Project Management Training

Project Management Basic & Fundamentals

Objective of this training is to provide knowledge on project management tools and resource, providing basic knowledge of project management while blending fundamental concepts and tools.

Customized Project Management

CrestPoint Solutions can customize project management training to fit your organizational unique management approaches and methodologies.

PMP Certification Preparation

We provide the necessary knowledge for project management professionals to prepare and pass PMP examination.

Project Schedule Integrations

With CresPoint Solutions PMI Software

Time Management

Our Project Management Integration Software host a multitude of tools and resources to give your organization the full visibility and communications needed in one central repository.

PMI software is the base camp repository that saves time and guesswork.

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