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Discover the Power of the Unified Platform QR Code

Effortless Collaboration and Real-Time Insights 

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Stay connected and optimize your environmental services operations with the Unified Platform QR Code.


Our advanced solution takes facility management to new heights, offering a seamless experience that integrates all aspects of your operations.

With the Unified Platform QR Code you can:

Access Room Details

Effortlessly retrieve comprehensive information about each room in your facility by scanning the QR Code, empowering your team to make informed decisions.

Streamline Cleaning and Maintenance

Log cleaning, maintenance, and service activities directly from the QR Code, ensuring a well-coordinated and efficient workflow.

Task Management

Create and assign tasks to team members on the spot, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and improving accountability.

Report Issues

Instantly report any issues encountered during rounds or inspections, enabling prompt resolution and minimizing disruptions.

Project Tracking

Schedule, assign, and track project work using the QR Code, keeping everyone in sync and ensuring timely completion.

Every scan of the Unified Platform QR Code seamlessly integrates with our robust database, enabling accurate notifications, comprehensive reporting, and data-driven decision-making.

But the benefits don't stop there.


The Unified Platform QR Code connects all stakeholders within your facility, including:


  • Internal Staff: Empower your nurses, physicians, administrators, and other staff members to submit service requests, provide feedback, and access relevant information by simply scanning the QR Code in each room.


  • Patients and Visitors: Enhance the patient experience by allowing them to conveniently request services, report issues, or access information using the QR Codes placed strategically throughout your facility.

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EVS managers and technicians can leverage the Unified Platform QR Code to streamline communication, collaboration, and task management. Managers can assign projects, monitor progress, and track completion, while technicians can efficiently log their activities and access real-time updates.

Here's how the Unified Platform QR Code works:

  • Scan the QR Code: Using a smartphone or tablet, scan the Unified Platform QR Code located in each room or area of interest.

  • Seamlessly Access Information: Instantly access relevant data, including room details, assigned tasks, and service history, to make informed decisions and take necessary actions.


Collaborate and Execute: Update task statuses, report issues, and communicate with team members, fostering a collaborative environment for efficient operations.

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Experience the power of the Unified Platform QR Code and unlock the potential of unified facilities management. Contact us today to schedule a personalized demonstration and explore how our solution can transform your environmental services operations, drive efficiency, and elevate the overall quality of care in your facility.

Contact us for a free demo today!

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