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It is an all-encompassing, cloud-based software platform providing solutions to hospitals, hotels, and mission critical facilities across the nation. The Unified Platform is enhancing efficiency and productivity for all EVS/EMS units.

The Environmental Services Department is as critical to a healthcare facility’s survival as water is to the health of a fish. A strong and capable environmental department is the key to infection prevention, ensuring patient safety, and improving customer satisfaction. Without which the Medicare reimbursements can be jeopardized.

This is what more and more healthcare leaders have come to realize and respond to in positive ways because they believe that taking a facility-wide approach to infection prevention is the right course to take.

Infection Prevention

With the Unified Platform, you are evolving your EVS/EMS team into environmental services leaders with the knowledge to do their jobs more effectively. 

​The Unified Platform collects, aggregates, and records data that can be used over time to establish baseline levels for your facility and compare to like-kind data points either from research or other facilities.

​Generated reports from the Unified help to drive continuous improvement and provide compliance to current guidelines and industry recommendations. The EVS/EMS leadership will have the data at their finger tips showing the great work they’re doing to maintain a clean and sanitary environment and to get the attention of those in senior leadership and the board.

The Unified Platform

Is a Unified approach to Infection Prevention for:

Exceeding Your Expectations

The Unified Platform provides a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity. 

Data where you need it, when you need it.

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